Tamar Braxton’s Mother Evelyn Claims Vincent Herbert Might ‘Kill Her’ If She Does Not Leave Him

Tamar Braxton Mother Evelyn Vincent Herbert

Tamar Braxton’s mother, Evelyn, said her daughter needs to leave Vincent Herbert because he will harm or even kill her.

The worried reality star explained: “I do not have anything to say to Vince, only one thing: keep his hands off of my child. Stop before he hurts her or kills her.”

Evelyn, who herself went through a tough marriage, added: “I love Vince, but I do not want him to kill my child. As simple as that; stop!”

Tamar’s supporters are wishing her well throughout this ordeal.

One of them said: “Your Mother and Father, grandparents and great-grandparents are your protectors. Your bloodline is who keeps you safe. So respect them and love them and they will protect you. Don’t let the God of destruction steel your joy. Tamar, I love your tenacity, heart, strength, honesty, and of course your beautiful voice!! It all comes across in your music and I like many others can relate so deeply. Your ambition sets such a good example of where determination and hard work can get you in life. Keep on killing it, Tay! @tamarbraxton”

Another stated: “I got the hint when she made Love and War that things were not going well in their marriage and it is really sad to hear that they are calling it quits. My prayers are with both of them.Regardless of your situation about your marriage I just want peace and happiness for your and Logan I love you and can’t wait to you go on tour !!!!”

However, many say Tamar is pulling a stunt for ratings.

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