Ciara’s Son Future’s Hair Sparks Debate Online

Future Jr. Ciara Son Hair Controversy

Ciara recently posted a clip where her son, Future, is singing Happy Birthday to her.

The talented R&B artist captioned the video: “Pardon Our Hair… We Had Just Woke Up.”

Pardon Our Hair… We Had Just Woke Up 😇… ❤️

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A majority of commenters went out of their way to bash Future’s hair. However, many of Ciara’s fans hit back hard.

One of them said: “Lol so you are not gonna argue moisturized anymore, I see If it is “bed head”.. perhaps…* drumroll.. he just got out of bed??? Real life… you want them to be photoshoot ready at all times? More concerned with aesthetic then capturing a genuine moment? They walk around with his hair like “this” as you put it [gasp] cause that is his damn hair. If you look at that hair and think it is a mess you have an issue. Spoiler: that is actually how some people’s hair looks “done” too. Nah, matter fact RECLAIMING MY TIME. What you are not gonna do is waste it any further. …wouldn’t be surprised if you take my points from this convo and go spew ’em elsewhere like you know some bout black hair nahhh, I am out.”

Another claimed: “He is so adorable and seems like a happy kid. I hope he stays that …so why are none of the y’all getting on Ciara/baby future about his hair??? I have no problem with it (that is his natural hair, and they should not change it), but y’all dragged Beyonce and Blue for years over her hair that looks/looked exactly like this. This is so god damn cute I freaking love his hair. Looks like Blue’s back then.”

What do you think of this controversy around little Future’s hair?

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