Kandi Burruss’ Son Ace Swims In Jeans In New Video

Ace Tucker Kandi Burrus Swim

Kandi Burruss posted an impressive video showing her son, Ace, swimming in jeans.

The Real Housewives of Atlanta star, who is very proud of her child’s accomplishments, wrote: “Swim update! @acewellstucker can turn over & breath while swimming & get to the edge by himself. My future gold medalists! @justusswimkids.”

One fan commented by saying: “I am so terrified of water that this video freaks me out. Damn shame a baby can swim better than me.great job, giving your son swimming lessons. Everyone should learn to swim when very young when we do not know enough to fear. #goace!”

Another supporter stated: “Thank you for posting this!!!! This is great all of our children should know how to swim.. @kandi the right track.”

What are your thoughts on Ace’s skills?

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