Kim Kardashian Shares Photo Of Mixed Son Saint West — And Some Decide To Make Things Messy

Kim Kardashian Kanye West Saint

Kim Kardashian has posted a cute picture of Saint West with a little fish fake tattoo eating candy, and she was blasted.

The photo went viral, and people were quick to share their thoughts on the fact he does not look like his sister, North.

Others took the opportunity to call out his mother for the tattoo.

One person told Kim and Kanye West they have beautiful children and explained: “Kim and Kanye make the most BEAUTIFUL babies.”

Another complained about his skin tone and the faux ink: “He looks nothing mixed is that a real tat … already?”

A pro-Kim commenter clapped back and shared: “He is barely 2!! Obviously, it is body art.”

Another Kimye defender stepped in to take on the haters: “Exactly!! you make it a teachable moment when the time is right, it always amazes me that people act like this woman hurt someone, the only one she hurt was herself and her image , but they stay mad that she didn’t let it define her or send her into hiding, they hate that she picked herself up and dusted herself off, so their only option is to try to tie it around her neck, but Kim keeps busting that shit off and rising. Haters remind you of your past when they envy your future. SMH”

Do you understand the controversy around Kim’s children?

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