Rihanna Covers Vogue Arabia Amid Hassan Jameel Pregnancy Rumors

Rihanna Vogue Arabia Cover Hassan Jameel

Rihanna wears a stunning Gucci snakeskin jacket on the cover of Vogue Arabia.

The singer, who is allegedly pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, Saudi billionaire beau Hassan Jameel, wore blue eyeshadow and a Cleopatra-inspired crown.

A fan, who loved the look, said: “WooooooooowwwwwwwwOmg okay I will! Such a powerful cover!”

The cover sparked a debate because Rihanna is from Barbados and not Arabian.

A person explained: “Do you know how many non-Arab artists pose for Vogue Arabia every year? And do you know how many white people pose for magazines of indigenous countries? The difference is that representation of people of color allows for a better understanding and wider spectrum of appreciation to audiences who may not see them in that particular light. We all know many people in Arabia are extremely anti-black.”

Another clapped back by stating: “I am well aware how many…? I was pointing out the hypocrisy; I see them cheering but not pointing that out, HAS IT BEEN the other way around we would not hear the end of it is what I am saying.”

A huge fan of Rihanna came out swinging and added: “She the sh*t period end of discussion forever. ”

Do you think Rihanna is pregnant with her first child?

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