Keri Hilson Debuts New Stunning Photos With Natural Hair

Keri Hilson Stunning Photo Shoot Series

Keri Hilson has decided to go topless in a series of pictures where she decided to show off her natural hair.

The talented singer and songwriter also shared three exciting captions underneath the photos.

Fans wished Hilson well and begged her for new music.

One supporter said: “When you are prettier and more talented they will try to silence you…eliminate the competition. I pray God opens new doors for you that no man can shut. You are STUNNING and an obvious threat to some. #prettygirlsrock”

Another fan had the following to add: “This could be a cover of your upcoming album beautiful! You are so beautiful. With or without any added help. Angelic. My favorite female singer/songwriter. I love you, so much better than Beyonce in my opinion! I hear you are starting to write this year I cannot wait to listen to your new artwork because you are so talented and beautiful and you deserve the world girl!! do it for the ladies.”

A foe reminded her that she is not releasing new songs because she is being blacklisted for going after Beyonce.

The person said: “And the girl who’s career was ruined by hating on Beyonce welp?? You are pretty though!”

And she was also bashed for allegedly having plastic surgery.

The commenter stated: “Very pretty, but you know ur not all natural. You hacked your nose off.”

Do you think Hilson can make a musical comeback?

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