Gabourey Sidibe Flaunts Weight Loss In New Photo Shoot With Tight Dress

Gabourey Sidibe Empire Photo Shoot

Gabourey Sidibe looks beautiful in a recent photo shoot where she highlighted her weight loss in a tight gown and playsuit.

The Empire star, who is a real Beyonce stan, also danced and sang “Love On Top” as the photographers snapped away.

Sidibe captioned the photos: “I love this picture even better #gabbysidibe working #photoshoot @gabby3shabby we love you #celebritychick #gabbyagoodie.”

Many people loved the pictures while others were a bit more critical.

One fan said: “I want that dress, let me rock that when ur did, lol Yessss gabby girl get it.”

Another stated: “If she was not famous; and this was your neighbor posting these pictures on social media. How would you feel? I am curious.”

A third supporter asked for people to be a bit more respectful and added: “I agree with what you said for the most part…But that is the issue ..Why do big women worry about angles, girdles, good photos, etc…Her arm looks like a real plus size arm. I love you and respect your opinion but why as fat women we have to be 100% on point.”

A fourth person had this to say: “No I am not skinny, but I cannot help but notice so many chubby & large women in their feelings in the comments. Well, we are all beautiful! From skinny toothpicks to large ham hocks.”

What do you think of those Sidibe photos?

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