Mark Cuban Eyeing Challenge To President Donald Trump In 2020 White House Race

Mark Cuban Donald Trump Presidential Election 2020

In a new interview on Fox News, Mark Cuban announced that he is mulling the idea of running as a Republican against President Donald Trump in 2020.

The news is not that surprising because, during 2016, the owner of the Dallas Maverick, who supported Hillary Clinton, showed a real passion for politics by criticising Trump and even taking part in mock debates on CNN.


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Many of Trump’s fans have come out with a collage of embarrassing pictures of the Shark Tank star and are bashing him on social media. However, he also has a few defenders.

One of them said: “He has had plenty of public displays of idiocy and quotes that we can choose from… This is a young man goofing off..nothing that college kids don’t do every day.”

Another stated: “Well tag me in all the trump photos comparable to these please! And yea that young girl… brings questions like wtf how young bc those look like grown ass naked men on top. And if you know Julian this is just a sample of what he has, if always gets worse. You already know if Cuban pays this any attention more will drop.”

I love a parade the Indy 500 Parade!

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Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, has also taken a shot at Cuban.

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