Ashanti Is Accused By Designer Aidan Euan Of Damaging Bikini From French Vanilla Ciroc Ad

Ashanti Aidan Euan Bikini Drama

Ashanti wore a stunning bikini from designer Aidan Euan for a French Vanilla Ciroc commercial.

In the ad, Ashanti walks slowly from a pool in the glittery swimwear that features 6,000 Swarovski crystals as mogul Diddy and French Montana sip on drinks.

The commercial went viral because of the dazzling bikini.

Now the designer is blasting Ashanti for sending him an unwashed and stained bikini back.

He wrote:

Fans are siding with the singer on this one and are telling Euan he is wrong for complaining because he knew it was a free gig.

One person stated: “Okay, first of all, it was all n her private area along with all that makeup they wear. Now maybe she should have washed it herself first, but even at Target, you cant return underwear. So why was he trying put it on somebody else anyway? But still, pay him that is bad business.”

Another commenter shared: “It is a “pull” for a shoot. Celebrities or models rarely and almost never wear their own garments for shoots, events, or fashion shows. The item is pulled from a stylist, so the client (celebrity) can have something to wear, and so the designer can get credit, and the designer can add it to their portfolio. I was a wardrobe stylist and designer before, so I know the back-end lol. He knew what he was in for.”

Do you think Ashanti did something wrong here?

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