Donald Trump Wants Hillary Clinton To Run For President In 2020

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton 2020 Election

Hillary Clinton is being taunted by President Donald Trump again — he wants her to run in 2020.

The former first lady has repeated on several occasions that she has no plans to run for office in the future.

After a devastating loss against Mr. Trump, Clinton has spent an awful amount of time attacking the 45th U.S. president.

This kind of behavior has sparked many conversations about a possible challenge to Trump in the next presidential election.

The business mogul would love such scenario because Mrs. Clinton is still popular enough to win the primary in the Democratic Party but too divisive to unite the entire country against a president with low approval ratings in the polls.

Officials in the left-leaning political organization believe that they would up their chances of winning against Trump with someone new and not tainted by close to 30 years of presence in national politics.

Who do you think can beat trump in 2020?

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